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Ethylene Copolymer Film

The LM-205 line of plastic film and bags are derived from a family of ethylene copolymers made using the Metallocene or Single Site catalyst technology. These films melt between 96°C and 100°C. LM-205 bags and film are suitable for packaging blended and pre-weighed additives used in mixing rubber compounds.

The LM-205 film and bags are being used in a wide variety of rubber materials and exhibit excellent dispersability and compatibility. They have demonstrated excellent chemical resistance and have a low water vapor transmission rate for packaging moisture sensitive materials. LM-205 film has proven to make a good middle range melting bale wrap where stripping the film has been a problem with other polyolefin materials.

LM-205 film and bags can be heat sealed and printed. They are well suited for use with form, fill, and seal machines and produce excellent heat seals even through dust and powders. Testing should be done to determine optimum sealing temperatures. Bags are available as individual lay flats or on rolls. Custom sizes can be produced at the customer's request.

  Material Safety Data Sheet (78K PDF)*
Typical Film Properties
Film Thickness 2.0 mils
Melting Point   96°-100°C
Density 0.90 g/cm3

* Download the Material Safety Data Sheets in PDF format. Viewing and printing them requires the free Adobe Reader program, which you might already have. If you don't have it, download the Adobe Reader for free now. 

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