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Film Product Summaries

All of the Lomel® and LM grades of plastic film and bags are suitable for packaging blended and pre-weighed additives used in mixing rubber and plastic compounds. The key property to consider is the melting point needed for the application.

Other important properties to consider are the physical strength of the film and the cost. In general, the higher the melting point, the stronger the physical properties. The lower the melting point, the higher the bag cost.

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LM-145 These bags are the lowest melting batch inclusion bag available. They disperse easily in low intensive mixers such as two-roll mills. They also disperse well into soft rubber compounds. Melting points range from 60° to 62°C.

Lomel® 160


These bags have melting points ranging from 72°-77°C. Lomel® 160 and LM-1 bags are intended for applications with low temperature mixing (below 90°C) and are ideal for the second pass cycle.

Lomel® 160 bags are also recommended for applications with a soft rubber stock, short mixing cycles, or low shear rate.

LM-1 bags are recommended for low temperature applications where good chemical resistance (packaging oils, for example) and low water vapor transmission rates are needed.

Lomel® 180 Lomel 180® bags, with a melting point of 83°-86°C, are recommended for applications with a minimum stock temperature of 95°C.

Lomel® 210

Lomel® 215


These higher melting bags are best suited for first pass cycle mixing where the stock temperature exceeds 115°C.

Typical Bag Sizes

J. Drasner & Co. offers batch inclusion bags in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. View our Standard Packaging Chart for a list of the more common sizes.

Prof. Lomel Professor J.D. Lomel says, "The most important factor to consider is your mixing or stock temperature. We recommend that the film or bags have a melting point 5°-10°C below the stock temperature to ensure that the film completely melts and disperses."

For more helpful tips, ask Prof. J.D. Lomel.

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